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European Baccalaureate in Biblical Studies and Christian Ministry

The third year is a new development for 2018 and is available for students who have completed the Diploma Programme (or equivalent).

As Tilsley’s Programmes are accredited by the European Evangelical Accrediting Association and not a UK university, we are unable (by law) to call the three year programme a ‘Bachelor degree’. It is, however taught at RQF level 6/SCQF level 9, or level 4b of the European framework and is, as such, what elsewhere would be described as a Vocational Bachelors and designated a Bachelor of Theology.

More information on this can be found on the EEAA website:

This third year builds on the foundation of the Diploma and is also a mixture of college-based learning and church, or mission placement. The EuroBac provides an education which completes the bachelor cycle.

The various ministry placements in all three years are organised with the student to give a meaningful ministry experience with, at its core, a mentoring relationship with current Christian practitioners.

Modules & Topics

Biblical Studies

General Bible

Apocalyptic Literature and the Radical Reformation

Old Testament Studies

The time of the Judges

New Testament Studies

The Pastoral Letters

Evangelism & Mission in Context

Church Leadership

Integrated learning week

Christian Mission

Trends in Global Christianity

Defending the Faith in the Modern World

Responses to Islam

Christian Theology


Images of the Atonement

Church History and Practice

Christ in the Global Context

Christian Ministry

Church or Ministry placement

Team Evangelism

Spiritual Development

Spiritual Formation

Church Placement


Spiritual Reflection

Research Paper


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