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Code of Ethics

The success of this course will depend largely on each student having the right attitude towards the year. Consequently, the college stipulates some guidelines for a code of conduct to which every student is expected to comply. The following guidelines will enable you to make the most of your time here.

Servant Heart

The community life of Tilsley College requires that every student avoids selfish or inconsiderate behaviour. We expect that each student will learn to serve and look to the needs of others first. This should be reflected in a willingness to do more than asked and to become aware of what might help community life.

Christ-Like Attitude

Students come from different backgrounds and cultures, and this enriches the community life. A good atmosphere, however, cannot be taken for granted. Each student must be considerate of others in both speech and behaviour. No humour that is demeaning is permitted, and each student must practice forgiveness and mutual forbearance.


Each student is accountable in the first instance to the Principal of Tilsley and to their supervisor in their church situation, secondly to all the staff and thirdly to the wider community. There is an authority structure which must be recognised and each student must respect the authority of the staff.


Students are expected to be punctual both to lectures, devotions, practical assignments and meals. This same punctuality is expected in all aspects of the student’s church placement.


Students are expected to be present at all College activities, but if for any reason they are unable to do so they should inform the Principal or College Registrar.

Relational Propriety

Exclusive Male-Female Relationships

The college strongly discourages the formation of exclusive relationships during the period covered by the course. If such a relationship appears to be developing, the two individuals involved should discuss the matter openly with the Principal and follow any appropriate advice given to them through him from the College.

Sexual Activity

The college’s moral standards are based specifically and whole-heartedly on the Bible. It should be understood then that any sexual activity between two or more people outside the context of a marriage recognised by the Christian community (being strictly between a man and a woman) is wrong, and would be a matter incurring discipline from the College as being gross misconduct.

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