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Why Tilsley College?

We believe that Tilsley College has a unique contribution to make in the spectrum of theological education in the UK. Our Certificate and Diploma in Higher Education in Biblical Studies and Christian Ministry offer a breadth of knowledge and hands-on experience which makes them an excellent preparation for further theological training or as a valuable bridge into full time Christian ministry.

We concentrate on maintaining a careful balance between three key aspects of effective training: comprehension, character and competence. Put another way we are committed to:


Most applicants to Bible colleges are keen to improve their Bible knowledge. We share that goal because we believe that if Christians are to minister effectively in God’s world they need to have a good knowledge of the Bible, theology and how to handle the challenges that they will face in the contemporary world.


Fewer applicants place an emphasis on character development when signing up to Bible college. At Tilsley College we believe that this is at the core of effective ministry — integrity of character — being like Jesus. Spiritual maturity is something to be taught and modelled, to be trained in, and to be mastered. Part of our training provides for intentional discipling which by the power of God’s Spirit will lead to spiritual growth and the formation of Christ-like character.


Classroom learning can often leave Bible college students as poor practitioners. We are convinced that training is not merely an academic pursuit but that theory must be combined with practice in order to develop skill in Christian ministry. Tilsley College will offer you a multitude of opportunities to participate in actual ministry situations which range from cross-cultural mission to local church ministry, and from gospel preaching to social action.

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